Filhos Do Coração - Solidary Art Auction

I'm proud to be part of a fundraising event of the Portuguese NGO "Filhos Do Coração". The NGO is an initiative to eradicate child slavery in Ghana. It all started in 2007 with a documentary about the heartbreaking living conditions of children in Ghana. The renown journalist Alexandra Borge founded this brave initiative and was able to build a infrastructure that gives home and hope for up to now 93 children that were freed from slavery.


Funding is an issue - the solidary auction project began in January 2016 when the artist Diogo Navarro went to visit the camp in Kumassi in order to bring to canvas whatever the kids had on their mind. Incredible art pieces were created!

In the next stage me and my fellow colleagues Pedro Calapez, Albuquerque MendesFilipa Sáragga, John Murillo and the actor Ricardo Carriço were invited to pick up the childrens ideas and ennoble their works. When I received "my" art piece I was stunned and it really took me some time until I understood what I had to do and I did it ...

"My" painting and these of my dear colleagues are currently auctioned here.

I hope all our art works sell well, very well! And I'm sure, the collected money will be spent wisely!

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