Manuela Xavier at the Humboldt Museum in Hettstedt, Germany

In an multidisciplinary fine arts group show the work of Manuela Xavier can now be seen in the Artmuseum Humboldt in Hettstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The museum sees itself as a cross-genre laboratory for new ways of thinking in the world of the fine arts. The nationally significant art venue is devoted toprogrammatic semiannual exhibitions pinpointing the burning issues of our time.  The artist Werkbund 1791 sees itself as a space of thought in the tradition of Wilhelm von Humboldt and the Saxony-Anhalt movement of Bauhaus.

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Its innovative thinking and design has sustainably influenced the centers of the art world. The Board of Trustees of the Art Museum Humboldt Castle has set itself the task of breaking with the encrusted structures of the art world and to provide highly talented, emerging talents in collaboration with established fellow artists regional, national and international platforms.


Besides Manuela Xavier are beeing exhibited works of the folowing reknown artists:

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