About Manuela Xavier


The work of Manuel Xavier embraces the tradition of monochromatic painting, from the abstract expressionism to minimalism. Her monochromatic paintings are intense - as most important to the artist is the light created by the space which gives birth to her paintings.

The alternate use of rough and smooth textures, silence and rhythm are pure light-creations. Light shines out of her paintings, vibrates and changes as soon as ther viewer discovers shapes in them. Her canvas reveal a unity between black and white, proving that white can emerge from the deepest black in its grandeur, density and meaning. Manuela Xavier considers "light" as her primary material to work with - even on dark surfaces she manages the light to come out of darkness and dark becoming a bright and luminous colour.

Manuela Xavier studied plastic arts in Porto and architecture at the FAUL in Lisbon / Portugal. She worked as an architect before her feeling for volumes, colours, rhythm and dynamic brought her to design of fashion, furniture and modern art. The design of furniture, painting and creating sculptures consequently lead Manuela Xavier to her first exhibition in 1998. Now Manuela Xavier works successfully with several exhibitions throughout Europe. Manuela Xavier lives and works between Lisbon and Munich in Germany.

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