Manuela GonzagaThey are entertaining pieces. We can play with them. We can conjugate them in thousand different ways and the result never stops sur­prising us. However they are absolutely alike. In dimension, in colour, in image graphism, in materials, painting and acrylic on wood struc­tures. To Manuela Xavier, sculptress and almost architect who studied Plastic Arts in “Cooperativa Árvore”, in Oporto, these boxes re­flect the dynamic, the rhythm of architecture that plays with colours, volumes, repetitions, in a never statical way.


It is curious the course of this young artist, whose option of architecture pushed her to the paths of design, of graphism and sculpture, in a way that we could call instinctive and now, at the end of her studies, asks: What is the mea­ning of passion, how it pushed her to choose an architecture degree in a country where, in architectonical terms, the catastrophe state should be declare? And at choice moment in front of the fork which we could call destiny, Manuela Xavier understands that this is the way that chooses us or calls us, according to our own steps, and not the contrary.

So, to idealize and sign building plans buil­dings one or half a dozen houses here and there, when the town halls are the first ones to excuse architects, it will not make a difference in the installed caos. But these pieces that began to fly, to United Kingdom and Italy, discovered by architects of both countries, (they) let us play, rebuilt, do everything again. Cubes, cubes, cubes. Above them lays the pier of modernism, in the audacity of shapes never daring. She was inspired by this living memory. Now other plans rise upon these ones.

The forthcoming boxes will have, that is for sure, other secrets. But always the same entertaining mobility, because none of this pieces is static on the artist`s conception. Everything is happening very fast. Last year, it was the painting exhibition entited “Near no one”, in Bicaense. All the paintings were sold.

But there they came, three boxes sequences. Before that, Manuela Xavier had been very close to fashion, with a signed collection, the lovers, sold in Portugal, Spain and France. Again the colours, the volumes, the line under­lying the shape.

Now the boxes multiply themselves. As by magic. They are requested to decorate the most sophisticated stores in Venice and London. To private homes. The one thing lacks Manuela Xavier now is time to attend so many request.

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