Layers of Light

Jose Cunha RodriguesTo grasp Manuela's work is thankfully demanding. The artist refuses herself to be bound to a simple perspective. Serene, smart, spiritual, Manuela turns the simple into wise, the mirror of her soul. This time the artist changes the game, she shows the Light through the layers that are covering the Painting of the paintings. She subverts the rules of the game, creating her own complex rules. Layer by layer, the art returns itself, revolving the deepest of mankind – the art that ignores any rational language. Here the complex substitutes the temporary Light – the illusion.

That change upsurges very carefully through those re-invented elements: a palimpsest of air, water, earth and fire: they rebirth harmoniously like a kind of Creation's game, a unique equation.

The result is the connexion to the concept of renovation, the beginning of something and consequently a new matrix functioning like a subtraction of a space to a time, which even not emerging, surely will come upon from that subtraction: the Time of the Creator.

This brand-new “layer” is an extension that Manuela gives to her own self, with no kind of concern about being the “character” that refuses to fit in the ordinary list of conventional artists or painters that permit themselves their own corruption in the irresistible and fatal aesthetic-literary movement, that frightens them in case of falling the deceit of posterity, forgotten in the bookcase of those whom weren't loved, lack of genius and unfortunate.

Manuela's vibration is different as her work structures itself like an enormous mosaic of layers where all the signs of a soul are printed, completing a work, with no space and movement, in a time that matches with Time.

I regard either the hypothesis of (un)conscious game or an unmeasured and enlightened inspiration almost impossible to control, i.e. something extra-dimensional, diametrically opposed to the trivial that surrounds her and limits her so many times.

It's a different light, the unlimited Light. The work speaks by itself: a Light that the Woman/Artist, Mother and Friend subtly lapidates in each layer, in the becoming of the Wholeness.

We're blessed but destructively, if not piously absent-minded of the fact that we are performing God's role. But, those who truly love and work to the wisdom which is required and claimed by the art, know that acting is becoming like God. And Manuela Xavier belongs already to the gallery of these names which dare to stir with the human consciousness making us believe and only then See. Bli Ayin Hara!Joomla Bamboo


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