Claudia MealhaThe work of artist and especially the painter is a solitary activity and reflective by nature, drinking in the sources of inspiration and personal references and cross the author. In this particular case, Manuela Xavier plasmas on their screens a set of aesthetic intentions naturally reflective in nature, designed to show a way of cross-references that focus on the maturity of thought and its ways of visual expression.


Endless is, after all, a certain look on the body as a unit unifying experiences and experiences. A perspective that goes along paths of rationality and thoughtfulness about the meaning of interpersonal relationships and the relationship of being himself, the work presented here is the metaphor of a map of intent, search and discovery that mirrors the interior paths and psychology of each .

The body is the vessel here, the receptacle of experiences and container external and internal world, where we combine all the processes of the mind and will. The desire to transcend the everyday experiences and give them extended senses, projecting them to levels extrasensory connection with other realities, other experiences and new discoveries.

This approach on the human body as a symbol of universal space spreads over eight screens and XXX drawings that develop the leitmotif of the body as chalice experiences and emotional experiences. The symbolic representation of the body as container has visual associations of natural materials like roots, these roots that talk of genetic codes and behavioral codes recorded on the skin: these are our codes are released here that crystallized through intention and willingness to go beyond and go to new worlds.

Visually embody in phrases that the painter was leaving the screens as the work was going to be developed, giving us clues to the deeper meaning of the desired walk, a hike of human introspection and reflection about their place in the world and the connection between the mind and what is beyond the visible: the desires, aspirations and the discovery of interdisciplinary relationships between different dimensions of thought. There, in the effort of knowledge, a search for identity and a strong desire for understanding, communication and sharing.
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